Our farm on Intervale Road is sweetly situated between the Winooski River and a bumpy dirt road. ‘Intervale’ is a middle English word meaning ‘a tract of low-lying land along a river’. ‘Winooski’ (English spelling) or ‘Ouinousqui’ (French spelling) derives from the Abenaki word meaning ‘wild onions’, referring to the tasty leeks that grow in the area and are harvested in spring.

The soil at our two acre garden is silty loam, flat and not too rocky—lucky us! But the fields do flood every few years—not so lucky—when the water rises over the banks of the river (which could happen during any of the four seasons—as well as during mud season, stick season, and sugar season).

You’re welcome to come down to the farm, but you’ll need directions, so please call ahead!

email: farm [at] straycatflowers [dot] com
office: 802-865-0068 farm: 802-578-5558
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